Making amends

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Making amends for possible wrongdoings can make things all better. Yesterday, I took the chance to apologize to someone that perhaps I didn’t need to, but I did it anyway. After 20 some years, I said what I needed to say and even though it was better before I apologized, I felt better afterwards. Sometimes, we make decisions at the time that we need to make them and do not realize how those decisions might affect someone else. It was never talked about and probably long forgotten. But I had told Rocky that I felt that I needed to say I was sorry to someone for excluding them from certain events from my life a long time ago. I had decided back when I wrote my Life Statement that I would say what I need to say when I need to say it. I recently told someone that I was not sure if what I ever say to her is too much, but she knows exactly how I feel and what she means to me. She never doubts and I even asked if it was too much. She told me it was never too much. I try to make amends with those that I might have wronged and would gladly say, “I’m sorry.” I wrote a card and gave her a little gift too and I have no regrets in doing so. The response I got was one of “I understand” and “It was a hard time.” Do you have amends you need to make with those you care about? Are you willing to do that and go somewhere that you never thought possible? This year is about “WHY NOT?” – yesterday, I probably surprised this someone, but am glad I had the opportunity to make amends. Whether she thought they needed them or not, I am glad I did not miss that chance while I had it. Thanks, CL. We are better now than we probably ever have been.

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