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Do you know what this means? What is the legacy you want people to remember about you? Leaving your mark doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be the smallest of things. A few posts ago, I mentioned about “It Matters!” and you have to still believe in the intention of showing the world what you can do. I love to surprise people with cards that come through the mail for no specific reason other than I want them to know that they are important to me and I was thinking about them. I am leaving my mark. My mark is not about the money I might spend. It’s about the time I spent thinking about them. When I
give a teenager words of hope and encourage them that they are so much more than what is directly in front of them, I am leaving my mark. When I speak from my heart and tell those I love exactly what I think and want, I am leaving my mark. What do you want your mark to say about you? That you are devoted to your family and friends and would do all you could to keep them safe? That you gave away more than you received? Remember, little things add up, too. Every great Redwood tree grew from one seed. Just one. My greatest feeling is always watching someone change before my eyes – not because I had anything to do with that change – but because they chose it. Your mark can just be what people think when they hear your name. It can be helping a small child or someone older who can’t quite get what they want. Take the time to leave your mark on strangers as well as those you know. You may forget about it in time, but once you have left it, it can never be erased. You have left your mark forever on someone. Even when you weren’t trying to; when you get nothing in return; when you have nothing to lose.

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