Everyone has a role

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No one is removed from that ever. No one. Someone always is something to someone else. Maybe your role changes for others, but you are still someone to someone else. I am a mother to three boys and a wife to my husband. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, etc. The list never ends. Some roles overlap. They have to and that can be a great thing. My sisters are also my friends. I also have a friend who might as well be my sister. Those people in out lives that fill a need is playing a role. There should be no competition if someone fills a gap that someone else cannot, either by choice or by being unable to do so. It does not mean that the person that cannot be everything to me is less of everything they can be. They give me all they can, all they have and I love them for that. But when someone else steps in and makes me better because they fill a void that I never knew existed, then it makes me more complete. It makes me whole – the puzzle pieces are put where they go. We all have a job to do with that role. Our oldest son is a pitcher and this year I asked what his job was – he told me, “Throw strikes, get outs.” I reminded him that his job does not change regardless of what team he plays for, therefore his attitude should not change. My role for everyone out there…you…my family and friends…my co-workers is to be me. Live up to the role you have been assigned and remember who you are to others may help them be more of who they are meant to be. Have a FUN DIP Wednesday!!

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