Kitty! PUMA!

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Does your mind go a hundred miles a minute? Mine does. I think Rocky’s might travel faster than the speed of light, off on all kinds of tangents, but that is what makes me smile. Every time. Have you ever seen something that kind of gets your attention and you make a small mental note of it, and then carry on your way? Then, a little later, something else does the same thing and you recall the earlier moment and start to wonder if those two things are adding up to something? And what if, a third, seemingly unrelated incident occurs that makes you stop and catch your breath? And once in a while you get totally blind sided and you never saw it coming. Rocky and I would call the first three moments, “kitties” and the last one a “PUMA”. This all started when we were out several mornings ago and she wondered off to pet a kitty while I was talking to her. So we started calling those moments when we got off subject or task, “kitty” and then last week, “PUMA” showed up. Just like pumas do. Moral of this post – you are going to have “kitty” moments – take them into consideration and figure out what they mean. Take a break from the normal life you live and find a little escape now and again. When you come back, it makes you better and refreshed. Now and again, a “PUMA” will show up too. Expect it will come, you just do not know when. Take your breath, process what is in front of you at that very moment, and carry on. Do not let the unknown create anticipation that is not warranted. Pumas eventually make their way past you and move on to someone else. I am more of a canine person, but certainly love my feline friends as well. KITTY!

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