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I have thought about loyalty lately.  What does loyalty mean?  What does it mean to be truly loyal?  Why are some people loyal and others aren’t?  In the same way, I have also been thinking about betrayal.  Why do we betray each other?  Why do we forego trust someone’s trust with something of value to that person?  Why do we care less about people?  It can be difficult to be loyal to something or someone you no longer believe in.  On occasion, I have had to walk away from those circumstances and people because it hurts too much to stay in it.  In addition to being loyal to others, I also have to remind myself to by loyal to myself.  I need to stick to my convictions and what I believe in, even if someone else views it as betrayal.  And chances are, someone else will view it that way.  Whatever the situation is, it will get viewed that way.  I cannot help that.  Have you ever felt betrayed by someone you thought was your friend?  Where it felt like someone just stuck a knife in your back?  Maybe that is where that phrase comes from…Recently, someone has fought for me and although I was not surprised about whether she would or would not, I was surprised at the level of the fight.   I told her hat I appreciated what she was trying to do for me.  She could have approached the situation differently, but she didn’t.  She is loyal.  I am very loyal — almost too much — and expect the same in return.  Why do we expect that when we are loyal to those around us that others will do the same for us?  And then when they don’t, why it hurts so much?  It is difficult to trust others when you feel like you have been treated unfairly, you become cautious.  You become guarded and put walls up to protect yourself from any future betrayals.  We all do it.  Are you one of those people who looks for ways to put someone else down?  Do you do that to make yourself feel better?  You make your problem someone else’s.  Stop betraying those you care about and start to being loyal.  People are not perfect at being loyal, and sometimes, betray those we care about most.  Apologize quickly and do your best to make it up to them.  Continue to be loyal.  People will never forget the betrayal or the loyalty. Which one do you want to be remembered for?

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