Book submitted to publisher!!

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Not sure if I what I am feeling is relieved or sick to my stomach.  Probably a little bit of both.  “It’s Time – Changing Your Life Starts Today” has been uploaded and given to the publisher for review.  Although I missed my original deadline, I still expect a release date in September 2013!!  As more information is available, I will share it with you!   The first book (like the first step) is usually the hardest, but it is the one that I believe in the most.  My journey has taken me down many paths I never thought I would take, allowed me to be open to new experiences, and meet the most wonderful people.  Writing this book was once just an answer to a question and then it became something that I felt compelled to do, even though I could not explain why.   Pretty soon, it will be something that you can hold in your hand.   Changing my life and being true to who I am has given me courage, strength, and hope where it never existed before.  Maybe this book will share you a little bit of that with you and urge you to change your life too!  Thank you for your patience, understanding, and encouragement.  I am really enjoying this rollercoaster ride and have my hands up in the air!!  🙂

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