Never get off that horse!

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You know which horse I am talking about, don’t you?  Life is like a horse.  Sometimes, you can hurdle every obstacle that comes your way…other times, the horse wants to buck you off…even others allow you to just enjoy the ride.  We all have moments when these things happen to us.  Yesterday, I was hurrying to a training session with my drink (red Crystal light) in my tumbler and dropped it and it broke open — in front of about 5 people on my company’s carpet.  OMG!  I was already running late getting where I needed to go, but I could (nor would I) just leave it there.  So I called the people who could help me really clean it up as I grabbed paper towels from the bathroom.  I quickly called the guys that would be there to clean it up and apologized.  I felt pretty dumb and could have let that one incident dictate how the rest of my day went.  (By the way, the rest of it wasn’t good either.) But don’t we all have days like that?  When it seems like nothing can go right?  Life is being like that horse — checking to see what we are going to do when we stumble a little bit. Or maybe wondering what happens if I totally throw something at her — what will she do next?  I have known people who have given up on life because that is easy.  They can find every excuse and justification about why they are not strong enough to continue.  Seriously?  We all could.  But when the horse starts to “buck” and we are unsure if we can hold on because it is hard, and time-consuming, and we want to quit…what do you do?  Do you give up?  Or do you fight for the life you have been given?  Life is precious — a co-worker just lost a family member and another co-worker suffered a mild heart attack.  The ride is going to be rough.  But it is also going to be graceful and beautiful and capture moments you will remember most.  In spite of all the times you want to run away or quit, remember on what you have been given and what you do with it.  YOU are the rider — so as they have said in the movies…”at dawn, we ride!!”

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