Love fearlessly

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I never knew how to do that before.   Love fearlessly.  To truly give my heart away without a moment’s hesitation that it could be smashed to bits without any warning, without any provocation, without a way to protect it.  But now that I have learned to love fearlessly, I thought I would live with regrets because of words said that needed to be retracted or deeds done without forethought.  I have done that too.  Thinking that I said something too much…shared too much…laid out my heart too much.  Wondering if I did too much…or not enough…In my life statement, I say something at the end that most people have a hard time with living with and committing to doing, but I certainly do more than I did.  I say what it is in my heart when I feel it.  I don’t keep it to myself and tell those ones that I care about what I feel.  I love fearlessly.  I tell my friends that I love them.  I give hugs to people who couldn’t tell you my last name.  “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” There are times when my heart has been smashed to bits, but somehow I pick up the pieces and find a way to put it back together again.  Yes, it is hard and it takes time.  But through the tears and heartbreak, I again put my heart back out there and once again, love fearlessly.  Without running away.

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