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No reward comes without taking chances.  Yesterday, I took a big step forward in moving this dream forward in a much bigger way.  I cannot tell you what prompted me to send an inquiry yesterday…I mean, why yesterday?  But, I did  and received a very positive reply that was very welcomed.  Although the reply was what I wanted, it was so strange to actually have it be “real”.  I think I might have quietly to myself said something else like, “What did I just do?” (Really, it was something much worse!  LOL) and I might have wanted to just grab my knees and hope I don’t throw up.  So when I shared this exciting news with my friends, they were all very happy for me and now I am accountable.  It is out there.  Before, there were a couple of people who knew and I talked about it, but now someone who can actually help me with this part of the dream is involved and she can guide me to make it happen.  I needed to take that chance yesterday and the time was going to come eventually.  But if I has waited until the right time or the “coast is clear”, then I would wait forever.  I have to take chances and put everything out there so there can be a reward in the end.  Even if it is not the reward I want, I will be better for having taken that chance.  What are you waiting for?  What can you change or do that means you go outside your comfort zone?  I think we even surprise ourselves when we put our minds to something and we end up with something that is so much greater than we ever could have imagined.  No chances = no rewards.  Stop living inside the vault and push yourself to be more, try more, give more, live more.  Take a chance today.  Any chance.  You will be amazed at what happens next and the new adventures and life changing moments that would have passed you by can now be yours and you will treasure them forever.

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