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It is getting to be one of my favorite times of the year…when I watch the sun come up during my morning ritual.  It ABSOLUTELY makes my day.  It reminds me of so many things…of everything that happened yesterday and the promise of right now with the future yet undecided.  It tells me that the sun will always be there; as reliable as an old friend waiting for you to see them again.  It never fails to show up to follow through with its responsibility, and I again am taken back to what I must do.  Every day, the sun repeats its message of “It Starts Today” and pretty soon I will get to see that message in person.  I never appreciated the rise of the sun like I do now.  It was something I took for granted, like so many other things and people in my life.  But that simple repetitive sun rise that has occurred every day of my life and yours still happens.  We set our clocks around it, and yet the simple act of one mass being still, shining as far as it can and sharing its warmth with all that would feel it is its entire role.  Do you think that your role in this world is just as simple?  That by being you and sharing your warmth with the rest of us makes us better?  You bet it does.  Be you.  Be the sun and share everything that you bring with those around you to make things better, to allow others to grow, to be more.  Truly treasure those people who make your life worth living and make sure they know it!  It Starts Today!

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