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How do you want to be remembered?  You have to believe that you can impact others lives in a great way, and sometimes you do it without even knowing you do it.  Even when you think you can’t or that no one notices.  You do.  You bring joy to people who will never tell you how much you have brightened their life.  You provide a calmness with your smile when the world seems likes it is seriously out of control.  You share your life with others and relate to their lives which bind you together.  You go out of your way to hold a door for someone with a stroller, say “Good morning” to someone you don’t know, you give a hug to your best friend.  YOU can choose how to live your life and how you live your life will lead to your legacy.  Memories made, words said, and heartfelt feelings will always take you back to where you love to be…in people’s hearts.  I used to think that what I did or said was pretty insignificant and therefore, it didn’t matter.  But, now I know different.  EVERYTHING matters.  Even when you think it doesn’t.  You can write your own story and leave the legacy you want to leave when you interact with people in your every day life.  Plant the seed.  You don’t have to be there to watch it grow, but you do have to give it a chance to grow.  Some seeds take longer than others to fully develop and they all deserve a chance to grow.  But when they do….

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