Love doesn’t lie

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To love someone takes effort, time, and committment, but it is not automatic.  It is not a “given”.  Love doesn’t lie…you know who you love and who you don’t.  And you could probably say why as well.  Sometimes you can love someone with all you have and receive nothing in return.  Nothing.  But if I have learned one thing (I have really learned more than one) in my life, it is that love doesn’t lie.  Even when it cannot be seen or heard…it always tells the truth.  Even painfully so.  Love can be raw and pure and make you say things you feel but regret later but it is the truth.  Your heart tells you so.  You can never hide from the truth.  You can never run from it…it will find you.  Even if you think it won’t.  That it can’t.  Believe me, I have tried.  It will bring you to tears that flow and cannot not be stopped even if you tried.  Love will convince you to dedicate to a lifetime built on faith and hope, secretly crossing your fingers every day that it turns out exactly as you thought it would.  Sometimes, I forget the honesty behind the it all and become speechless (yes, I said it) when love comes to my front door.  It is easy to find a way to make it not last, but it takes something extraordinary to push through anything and everything that comes before you to fight for it.  To know that you would be lost and living without it truly becomes something that is not an option and so you make that decision to never let it go.  Even if it doesn’t hold onto you back, you secretly wish that only good things come to those that you love and you admit that you wouldn’t change a thing.  The only lie we tell ourselves is that we don’t deserve that kind of love and so we shy away from it and try to justify why it knocked on the “wrong” door.  Yesterday, love came to my door and it surprised me so much that I not only became speechless, but I am sure that I stopped moving (maybe breathing) as well.  And it knocked more than once, in simple ways that I replay in my head even as I type this post.  And even though I could not explain it and asked myself “why?” a couple of times, I had to accept that while the love was at my door, I was going to let it in and embrace it as long as it would stay, never really knowing when it will come again.  But I believe it will.  It had knocked and was staring at me straight in the face and as it reached to me, I extended open arms as well.  As hard as it is for me to admit, I knew it was always there but forgot about the truth it would tell me…because love doesn’t lie.

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