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Several weeks ago, we learned that a very dear friend of ours suffered a stroke…at 48 years of age.  He is a husband, father to five wonderful children and has a smile as big as the universe.  He would give your anything he had because you needed it.  His heart might be as big as his smile.  Prayers and thoughts go out to the JK family as their navigate this new road they must travel.  I have recently been “stung” by the health wasp that takes its toll on families in our community and even found out this morning that another friend was diagnosed with cancer in the spring.  She has more treatments to look forward to as her doctor’s attempt to remove all of the bad cells so that KR can be better.  Another friend is currently going through breast cancer chemo and another friends’ son is winding almost of year of the same.  What does this teach me?  What does it teach you?  That we have no control over our health and therefore, we have to give our lives EVERY SINGLE thing we can.  We cannot wait.  We may not have time for second chances.  Tomorrow may not come.  Don’t wait until it hits you so hard in the face that you have no choice but to deal with it.  Truth be told, we have no guarantees.  Are you giving your life all you have to offer?  Good gravy, I know I am and now that the flood gates are open…watch out!!  I have become better by giving more to others, when I expect nothing in return.  Truly saying what I feel when I feel it and sharing that with someone was something I shied away from, but not anymore.  I am excited about life!  Even more today than I was yesterday.  Give yourself away to all that you meet.  Pay for someone’s lunch…open the door for a stranger…tell someone that you were thinking about them…An unexpected visit today and little surprises were all it took for me to feel energized and focused and looking anxiously towards the future.  What have you given lately?  Maybe you have been the one who has been on the receiving end and it is time to love others more than you love yourself.  Love your life enough to give it away so that others may feel special and loved…because there truly is no greater gift.  Don’t go at it half-assed.  “If you don’t have time to do it right, how will you have time to do it over?” – Seth Godin.  Make every second count…because it is definitely worth it.

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