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I can’t juggle balls in the air or chain saws, but I can juggle life.  That doesn’t mean it is easy, it just means it needs to get done.  I don’t ever really stop, but on occasion, I slow.  I told a few people that they need to worry when they don’t see me or hear from me for a while…not anytime sooner.  But life can be hard to manage at times as priorities take over, requiring us to miss other important stuff and to not be involved in the lives of those we care for every day.  So how do we do it?  I mean, most of us have more than one thing on our plate at one time and have some sense of responsibility to something or someone other than ourselves?  We do the best we can.  We may not be able to be all we want to be, but we always want to be all we can be.  Sometimes, our long list of tasks and errands to run actually get done and we feel this sense of accomplishment, as we sigh heavily, plop ourselves down on the couch, and kick our feet up.  But what happens if it doesn’t get done?  It will be there tomorrow.  Life can be a circus at times and we may not always know if we are in the center ring, in the clown car, or watching from the audience, as we eat our popcorn and cotton candy.  Regardless of what our role is today, understand that it will change.  And then it starts all over again…and we begin our act of juggling every day life where we hope we don’t drop anything.  And if we do, we hope no one saw it. LOL.

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