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That is all.  Just one.  You are one away.  One what, is probably you are saying to yourself.  I understand, but let’s see if I can make it more clearer to you. In order for you to do anything different or change something, even if what you have in front of you might be less than desirable, you are one away.  One step. One pitch. One smile. One word.  ONE!  I was thinking this morning about hope and how we sometimes lose track of it when we really need it most.  When everything around you seems to be caving in and you are not sure how you will even breathe, that is when you have to realize that you are one breathe away from being somewhere different.  We all get there even when we don’t want to be there.  It happens and sometimes we may not even understand why.  But it happens so accept it when it does.  There have been times in my life when I think to myself that “there is no way I can get through this — it is too hard. ” Has that ever been you?  Have you wondered why to do next because you were afraid?  Maybe even played out what you want to happen next?  I have.  Visualization has been proven to help us reach our goals — if we cannot see it happening, then it makes it more difficult for it to happen.  But just thinking about what you want to see before you does not make it so.  You have to do something.  You have to put forth the effort that it takes in order for you to change something else.  You have to try, even if it does not turn out the way you would like, you know you loved that you tried.  If someone could guarantee that you would be successful in whatever your quest was and you were ONE away, would you quit???  None of us would.  I remember when Rocky and I walked 25 miles as a fundraiser and people were quitting 3 miles before the finish, but we refused.  Even though it sounds like a lot of walking, we were so close to finishing that we didn’t want to quit.  We trudged ahead and finished — a little sore — but we did it.  You are just one away…one opportunity…one chance…one day…from changing the entire outcome of your life.  For Good!

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