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About six months ago, I gave a recent college graduate a little book that I thought would inspire her to “Live Happy” as she embraced this new part of her life. I wanted it to be a reminder that living happy (or sad) is a choice and that she ultimately had control over how she chose to live. Yesterday, with this community being as small as it is, I was reminded that a co-worker has a connection to the young woman I gave it to and it was suggested that the co-worker’s son read it. Now, the co-worker had seen my outer transformation and I had told her the story of “Rocky and me”. Kitty…the real story is so much more boring than everyone perceives it to be, which I find kind of funny. Sorry…got off task for a moment. I stood there as this was unfolded to me, and I had forgotten about the book I had given SH months ago. I had hoped she read it and also gave her some CD’s that I had hoped would inspire her too, but then to hear that she is giving it to someone else to read made me smile. Little things that we do or say can stick with someone and then you hear about the impact that those things had on someone else’s life can take your breath away. I know it does to me. Little things don’t have to cost you a thing and don’t take a great deal of time…they are something so minute that someone may never notice anyway. But someday, it will come back to you and in ways you never would have guessed. Introduce yourself to someone new at work…pick up a piece of trash on the floor…actions and words inspire others to do the same. It becomes a virus that can spread and then when it covers most of this world, we can all say it started with just a “little thing.”

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