Dare to be you

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That is the hardest assignment we will ever have. No tests in school, no reviews, and no study hall can ever prepare us to accept this assignment. We also have to appreciate that we are going to fail when we get side-tracked and let our attentions be swayed by others’ thoughts and/or actions. You will find great success in simply being you. I have never really had the courage before now to be me. I mean, really allowed my heart to soar and let it guide me. I think I was afraid that others wouldn’t like me and I wanted to be accepted. But when I stopped caring about what others think (to an extent), I also in turn shut them all out. Sometimes being us is all we know…it is what makes us unique and special. I have a co-worker who is nervous about doing something new and letting others see her for the beautiful woman she is inside. She anticipates the worst scenario and is holding on to that bar on the rollercoaster with both hands, white-knuckles, and probably half-leaning over the side, just in case she needs to be sick. We all feel like that from time to time, but I need help her see that she can still have control over how she interacts with those around her. She can control her thoughts. I know I was not someone who took a lot of risks and still don’t. I don’t like the way it makes me feel. But I have learned to not be so afraid of things anymore. Part of being you means allowing others in and exploring what your life could be. It means that people will gravitate to you because of what they see and know about you, not because of what they guess about you. You will experience joy like never before, even if you can’t explain why. I was NEVER vulnerable in front of others and kept it all bottled up inside. Now, I can cry at three words just said, and I have broken down in front of others, not caring that I did so. We all deserve you…all of you…and that is the gift you were blessed to give the rest of us. When you tell yourself, “I can’t do that” – ask yourself, “Why not?”, Who says you can’t? Why can’t you? Don’t sell yourself short before you have had a chance to sell it to TO yourself. Dare to be you…it is all you ever need and is an easier assignment than you think. You cannot fail at something you were born to do. Don’t let fear dictate who I see in you…dare to be you.

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