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When you read those two words, what do you think? Some people will think that they have to do something extraordinary or that someone else needs to notice some act or words before YOU accept that you can be amazing with so little effort. Here is the secret to being amazing….just be YOU!!! I was sent a little “angel” via an email from GZ and she thanked me for being an “angel” in her life. Now, you may ask, “Why are you an angel?” Well, I can tell you that I have never sat with her in the emergency room (I would), I haven’t saved her when her car ran out of gas (I have done that for another friend); we have never even been to lunch yet together. I do give her a hug every time I see her and thanked her yesterday for sharing herself and smile with me every day. As I think of another amazing woman in my life, my eyes are tearing up and I am not even sure why. She would know why. Open the door for someone…think of others before you think of yourself…give with your whole heart…share deeply…love unconditionally. I have many people in my life who can be less than amazing and then I am so ever grateful for those that make my life so much more wonderful. Amazing is something that any one of us can be, and it is not how we see ourselves…it is how others see us. If we are given such a compliment as, “You are simply amazing!”, we need to take it. Take it with humbleness and with honor…those words are not just said to say them. They are said with conviction and pride and I am so very blessed to know amazing people who share their lives with me every day. My beautiful, gracious sisters are not just my sisters but also my friends and I treasure them and miss them more than they ever know. Your task for today, should you choose to accept it (LOL), is to be amazing by being you. Notice others and let them know that they amaze you. You might make their day and you will smile too.

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