Life’s not fair

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How many times have we heard that?  When we agreed with that?  Early this morning, I learned that a family that we have known for 10 years just found out that their son has cancer.  He is a freshman in high school.  A month or so ago, his dad followed his dream and opened up his own business in our town.  Here they go from being on a such a high with the craziness of starting a business and all the running ragged that goes with that to have the rug taken out from under their feet as they now have to tackle medical issues that they never saw coming.  Timing stinks, too.  I had a difficult time getting back to sleep as everything seemed so out of perspective right at 2:30am.  However, I was encouraged by reading something his mom wrote for him on his caringbridge website – that this is meant to teach us something.  Isn’t that the way life works?  The tests are meant to remind us to be students, but we never feel that way when things are going well.  Why is that?  As NZ and his family travel a road they never thought they would travel, please pray for him as it sounds like he endure a year’s worth of chemo and many tests to ensure that the cancer is not anywhere else in his body.  When we are ready to complain, “This could be better”…remember that it can always be worse and sometimes, it is for someone you know and love.  Hang in there, Z.

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