Planting the seed

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I love to plant the seed and walk away. Not the seeds in the garden, but the seeds in your soul and heart. I have been asked before why I do not have a different vocation that would make me more involved with the people that come into my office and I love not being that involved. Not to say I do not care, that is not what I mean. I mean, I love to plant the seed. I am reminded of my first meeting with CR and the 15 minutes I spent talking to her one night as her mom and Rocky sat close by. You never know when something you say or did will come back as a memory that gets passed along in another way to someone else or that it will actually find its way back to you. Nothing makes my heart soar more than knowing that I was able to help someone else. When you how you handle yourself in a difficult situation or you show how much you love what you do, people notice. They can’t help it. People are watching when we think they aren’t. Sometimes I am reminded of how a few simple words, even if it is, “What did you learn in school today?” can tell a teenager that you care. We all can plants seeds, if we make the attempt. But you have to try and it has to be deliberate. Seeds don’t get planted by chance. They can grow even in dark places where there seems to be no hope. But the seed will not grow if it has not been planted. It stays forever a seed, hidden away, with unfulfilled potential all wrapped up in a neat little package. But have you ever seen a seed grow? It doesn’t matter if it is an apple seed or a walnut tree seed…they all grow into their full potential when given the chance to be planted. What seeds do you hold that need to be planted? Where are you going to plant them? Remember that you need to share them with everyone…do not prejudge who should receive the seed and who should not. Even if you plant the seed in a place where you think it has no chance of growing, miracles happen all the time. Seeds are meant to grow…plant your seeds and make some grow into their full potential.

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