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I was thinking yesterday about what great knowledge I was going to share next month and some talks I will be giving come up. I also remember telling some wonderful women that in reality (and,at least hopefully) that if my life is about half over, what would I say I had to show for it? I have an amazing husband that loves me dearly, three wonderful boys that do well in school, and a couple of other trinkets I have picked up in my 43+ years along the way as well. This past weekend I heard this quote in a movie (sorry, don’t remember which one) and it has been with me ever since – “Life is 50 percent what you do with your life and the other 50 percent is who is with you.” Therefore, there are two parts to this quote that you have to work on everyday. What are you doing with your life? Are you just getting by? Barely? Are you wishing you were someplace other than where you are right now? At this very moment? If not, you have to know that you can change your life. Now, if you have that part figured out, who is in your life that might prevent you from living the life you want to live? Why are they there if they drag you down? Making your life miserable is what some people live for. The reason they do that is because it is easier than having to change their own lives. “People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours.” So again, we are back to choices…what do we want to do with our lives and who we choose to be in our lives. Sometimes, you have to weed the flower patch. It’s work and when you make the right decision, you will have no regrets about it. Keep those people close to you that will always be your biggest fans and start living your life. WHEEEEEE!

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