Good morning!

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This is the name of my new favorite song by Mandisa. I’m telling you, you will not be able to help yourself with clapping your hands and moving your body. Since I found it, I have to listen to it on my way to work and during my morning walk/run. I shared it with Rock today and had her moving down the middle of the street. It almost tells me that I can take on whatever is going to come my way and gives me unbelievable confidence and strength. I forget about what happened yesterday and am ready to move on. Yesterday, I did something that I love to do…I paid for two coffees for the car behind me at the local coffee shop. The woman at the window told me that it happens a lot at the holiday season, but my “paying it forward” was more fun for me and I LOVE IT!! There are commercials that we see on TV (for insurance) where people see others doing what’s right and then they pass it along later. LOVE THAT TOO! How are you this morning? Do you have your coffee or hot chocolate? Sometimes, we need to give of ourselves to others by doing little things that mean more than we think they do, and then that creates the theme for the rest of the day. Keep this song in your head and then it will not just be a good morning…it will be a GREAT DAY!

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