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and I don’t even know it. I do, but never in the ways that I would have planned it. That is when I remind myself that I can’t plan it. Even if I try t, it will not work out the way it actually does. We all know that. Last night, I went to a concert with LL and KR and had a blast. It was a spur of the moment – decide right now – kind of thing and I said, “yes”. Sorry, KR is I talked your ear off, but was thinking today about after the concert when we were partaking in those wonderful appertizers and how we had our own little “G.I.F.T.” meeting without really intending to, but it just happened. I could see the wheels turning and am so excited about seeing on on the 25th. It can be more…we have this one life to live and we want to do it well, with no regrets. Before that, I had some crazy ideas so what do I do? I call Rock. After all, she is my Rock. But she is ok with that – she likes the “title” and the responsibilites that comes with it. Even though I KNOW what she is going to say, I still have to hear her say it. I need her and others to gently push me into pursuing new ideas and then it makes it less scary. When you have nothing to lose, then “Why not?” More to come later, but know that the wheels are turning here, too.

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