Atta, girl!

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This is from a movie called, “9 to 5” where when these three ladies stand up to their boss, one of the their co-workers says, “Atta girl”. It just makes me smile and she says it a couple of times one right after another. Rocky has her chamber ribbon cutting tomorrow which officially recognizes the opening of her dream, ABSOLUTELY HER, a women’s upscale resale store. I have watched her from the very beginning as she wondered a lot about what she should do next as she pondered (nice word, Dad) where her next road would take her. Not just that but, if she would have the courage to take that road, starting with that one small step. We tasted the competition as another possible avenue she thought about taking, and we both agreed that she could do better if she pursued that venue. As much as she made cupcakes as a stress reliever or for friends and family, it wasn’t in her heart. So she had to search deep into her heart and ONLY she could listen to the answer. I could not help her all the way, but just needed to be there for her when she was in doubt and had questions. That is what friends do. I have seen her wonder about how it was going to work, where she would be located, to naming of the store, etc. I have been around it all and she included me and others in it, so it has been a pure pleasure to watch it from when she found the courage to ask herself the question and then answer it. And she knew she was really listening when her answer was the same every time she asked it. There was no wrong answer. There never is when you listen to your heart. Rocky, I could say so much more, but will save that for another time. Know this…I love seeing you BLOOM and shine and am so grateful to have been alongside you on this ride. Just one more thing…ATTA, GIRL!

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