Life happens in a blink

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Where does time go? And why does it feel like it goes by so fast? I have been here for 43 years – couldn’t really say, “I’d been alive for 43 years” because I didn’t really begin living until 41. Even if I tried to name ONE thing that was the highlight of my year for every year, I don’t think I could do it. Some years, there would be more than one so I would be unsure which one to pick. Other years, I might not be even able to find one. Not one highlight. 365 days of nothing worth mentioning, perhaps for even more days than that. There are 86,400 seconds in a day and 31,536,000 seconds in a year. It happens in a blink. Some days, I seriously wonder how did I get here. What road did I travel to get to where I am right now? Why did I pick this road and not another one? Do I really even remember “seeing a road” and consciously deciding to “pick that road”? In the next blink, it will be winter and one more takes me into spring again. What will happen between those two little twinkles in my eyes? It is hard to realize that perhaps my life is half over and when I look back at it, that is hard to comprehend. What have I done with my life that I am proud of and am glad when I did something? What people did I meet and now wonder where they are now? What do I wish I could do over, if I had the chance? Why didn’t I live a different life? Why this one? All we have are little blinks, linked together by space and memories. Life happens before we know it did and yet, what do we do? We sit, we wait, we give up, we forget, we dismiss anything good. It happens way too fast anyway, so why wouldn’t you want to make it be the best it could be as much as you can? Get up, quit stalling, have hope, remember, believe it can be different. All of these things will get you through today….until the next blink. Oh, by the way…by the time it took you to read it this, about 100 blinks happened. Just sayin.

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