I love surprising people!

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Sending a little card in the mail…supplying a friend with Fun Dip (it is Fun Dip Wednesday, after all)…texting a little note that says, “I am thinking about you.” I do not like being surprised…but take it all in stride when it comes my way. Don’t you have to just smile when you think of others and send a little surprise their way? I do. Sometimes, it is a little longer hug or a smile to a stranger. Today, I got to surprise Rocky in an ABSOLUTELY HER way! Although her other great friend and I were betting tears would fall, they never did. But, boy, did hugs and smiles surface. I had been working on something for her new venture for months and it was just about killing me keeping it to myself. I did get some relief when I told LR, and I knew once I had it in hand that I couldn’t hold onto it for long. I knew that I needed to give it to her right away. I so wanted to tell her that I was picking it up after work, but since I had waited this long, what was a few more hours. I don’t think…no, I am going to say I know she never saw that coming and that is why surprises are some of my favorite things to do for others. She was so excited and I am not even sure what she thought when she saw it. I think I remember her asking, “Where did you find this?” (This is a stained glass window with her company logo, colors, and initials.) I simply told her, “I had it made for you.” I wanted it to be a reminder of how far she has come and how far she has yet to go. Today, I was reminded of where she is in my life, even when she is not there with me. There is something in about every corner of my office that she either gave to me or she wrote. Then, there are the things that I wear than are also reminders and, of course, those things that no one ever sees. No one ever gets to see. I know she lives there too. She told me earlier of how she surprised (pretty much a complete stranger) by going out of her way and doing what she does. She gives. She did it because it was important to that someone else, not because she wanted someone to know she did it. I hope she knows that I knew she would love it and that is why I loved surprising her today. Loved your smile, Rock. That in itself said everything I have ever wanted to know.

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