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IGNITE the LIGHT!!! I met up with a colleague last night at a community function and we visited a little about work. He was catching me up on the one young man we mutually work with and pointed out some changes he had decided to do. Now, this young man always seemed very “unmotivated” but in talking with him more, I think it was more that he did not know how to do some things, and became frustrated when people expected him to do things on his own. He felt silly asking for help, but also needed that same help. (I have been there, done that. Sometimes, I still do it.) This colleague thanked me for perhaps having a hand in getting this young man’s perspective to change. Neither of us can say if anything that I said had anything to do with his change of attitude, but my colleague seemed to think so. So, this morning, I was trying to really think about the time I had spent with this kid and look back at what I might have said. Then, I started to remember…I told him that his life and the choices that he makes in it, whether they are easy or hard, have to mean more to him than they do to anyone else. I also reminded him that he is now 19 that he needs to think about his future and find out what he wants to do with it. But it is up to him, not me or anyone else. But maybe we all (not just me) ignited the light in this kid. My hope is that it continues to brighten each day he thinks about how much his life could be. He will have to work for it – it will not just show up on his porch one day. But I believe in him and the potential yet to be unleashed – he has to believe that it exists. His future can be anything he wants it to be…the LIGHT has been IGNITED…let it glow!

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