And so it begins…

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Some things just take on a life of their own, without really any planning or attention. Things present themselves without giving us a heads up that they are coming our way. We call that “PUMA!” But isn’t that the best way to experience life? Without knowing what comes next and how it plays out? We need to remember to be open to what is before us, even when the mere thought (real thought) kind of terrifies us like no other. We will see how things set themselves up and play out, but I am ready for this new adventure and we will see where this takes us. No doubt, some place I have never been before. Perhaps, not even some place I could have picked to go. Although the attempt at trying to control where my life has led me, never did I think that letting go of that same thought actually allows me to truly forget my old self and my old life. Hands up on the rollercoaster ride once again!!! Hold on…this very well could be the time of my life. I have no doubt that I am loving this ride!!!

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