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There really is not a big message with this post, but in reading some journals, I came across some things I wrote over a year ago. When this was all still so new and I didn’t understand it. I can’t really say that I understand it better now, but things seem less clouded. Maybe something you draw from here will make it more clear.

We spend our time looking for something —
…something we cannot see…
…something we cannot learn…
…something we cannot smell…
…something we cannot hear…
It can only be felt. It cannot be found as it was never lost. But it is there – waiting for us to discover it. Once we do, it will never be stifled again. It becomes who we are from that point forward. Before, there were questions unanswered, doubts heard, and directions unknown. Although those still exist, where we go from here leaves us no way to go back to who we were. This is a new you. Your power and courage are undaunting and will radiate to those who need it most.

The pounding in our heart will be heard.
The hole in our heart will be filled.
This vision in our heart will be seen.
The passion in our heart will be felt.

We have to be willing to let it go. We cannot guide it – we must allow it to guide us.

The magnitude of doing nothing to fulfill our purpose is far greater than any pursuing we should take to fulfill that same purpose.

Complacency is not something we cannot accept when we are trying to change out lives. It is a delusion that confuses us into believing that this is all there is or this is the best it will ever get. We cannot go on living quieted, unfulfilled lives. Our capacity to impact those around us can not be contained but will shower us in awe of the greatness we have yet to find.

Leap. Take a step to change your life. You can. You have to want it, believe it can happen, and do it. Get your MOXIE on and be you!

Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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