Here we go!!!!

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Can you yell, “WHEEEEEEEEE!”? Yes, I know I need to tell you more. Ok. Sorry….just trying to catch my breath and hope my thoughts and typing skills can keep up. Today, I took a BIG chance in pursuing my dream of being a motivational speaker for teenagers. This is one big piece to my puzzle. One that started about a year ago…wouldn’t you say, Rock? I actually have been reaching out to people who I thought could help me get started and I received a big CONFIRMATION of one tonight. This is where it begins. Remember the rollercoaster ride that Rocky and I are on? For some reason, the hills we travel down, with our arms straight up above our heads, don’t seem to end. We just find more hills. In a good way. In talking with the people who can make this happen, I ran into someone else who knows a little about what I am doing and…PUMA!!!!! Another possible gig! In front of a HUGE crowd at a very important ceremony. Still pinching myself. Even if it doesn’t work out, it is ok. But this is the start of it…the tidal wave. It will happen.

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