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It is great to have people we look up to and admire – those people inspire us to be better. If you were to create that list right now, would your name be on it? That is hard for most of us I can imagine. There are people who I know that totally make me try harder than I did the day before. I see some of the things that are going on in their lives and I seriously say, “How do they keep going?” and “How do they do that day in and day out without breaking?” I am not sure I could if I were in their shoes. There are people who have had a worst past than I did and I think, “What can I really complain about?” But those people do so much for me…even those that will never know it. Life has dealt them issues that I have never had to deal with and hope I never do. My issues are different, not necessarily harder. Those people are heroes in my book. Things they didn’t ask for, would not wish on their worst enemy, or couldn’t plan even if they wanted to are right in front of them. But they accept it and take it on. But what about you? Are you proud of your accomplishments and where your life has led you to right now? In my Life Statement, the first sentence says it all. “I have lived a false life, but not one I am ashamed of. I just have not lived my full life yet.”I have led the life I was meant to live – to get me to here. Now. You are my hero. Some of you may ask why. Because you are here for a reason…because you keep coming back…because you stay for good. You are all special and have a purpose. Most of us will never meet, but it would be cool to get us all together and say we were “hanging with my Homme” – our last name is pronounced “ho – me”. Kitty. Even when you think there is no way anyone could ever find anything that they admire in you – because you think you are not worth it and don’t deserve it – someone does. I am telling you right now…I used to think that and when someone tells me what I mean to them or that I inspired them, I stop. It stops me in my tracks – literally – and I might even stop breathing just for a moment or two. It is almost too much for me to process and fathom. But, I humbly accept it. You are heroes to people and you may never know it. But know this…you are your own hero. Be proud of that today. I am.

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