Can’t see in the dark

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I realize that this statement is somewhat redundant. But, this came to me as I was driving near where Rocky and I walk/run near her house. There is a trail that is about 2.5-3 miles and we go around it twice. I am so used to seeing the “creepy forest” when it is not even dawn yet that it looked different in the day time. There were parts of the trial that I have seen many times in the mornings and again in the daylight, but for some reason it looked different today. I could see the trail. Now before Rocky gets in a huff – I do not wear my contacts or my glasses when we run, so I rely on her to see critters, spiders, and people as we gradually make our way around the trail. Sometimes, she doesn’t see them until it is almost too late and people might run you over. That is what she tells me anyway. But how many of you are trying to look through the dark….even when you have your vision at its best? it is hard, isn’t it? Isn’t it easier to look through the light? If we are stuck in the dark, why do we pick to stay there? It was like I was seeing the same trail that I have been on so many times but for the first time. It looked familiar, but different. Plus, I was not on the trail this time, I was looking at it from another view almost removed from the times I have been on it. We walk past this sand volleyball pit twice each morning on this trail, yet I never see it. How many other things are right in front of us that we miss? Won’t you regret missing it if it means something to you? This life is about no regrets. Open your eyes and see what you think isn’t there. Even squinting your eyes doesn’t help. The dark keeps things hidden and doesn’t allow you to see the true picture. There is more out there…just look for it. Get out of the dark.

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