Invoking Change

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You have been called this morning to invoke change in your life. Yes, I am talking to you. Don’t turn around thinking I am talking to someone else. I mean YOU!! Here is where it begins…your new life. Today. Quit stalling and taking the easy road out. That gets you nowhere…and you deserve more than nowhere. Don’t you? Yes, you do. I deserve more than nowhere. I would love to hear if anyone of you has made changes in their lives since reading this…even if I don’t, I will still post. I will still reach out and encourage you to INVOKE CHANGE. Instead of believing that you have no control over your life and what is in front of you right now, you can feel powerful (no powerless) about what the day brings to you. You will be ready for it. Even through storms and someone else’s chaos, you will hold stern and be ready for what comes next. I was visiting with one of my son’s yesterday and he was frustrated and strives for perfection – every time. But only in sports. In every other aspect of his life (college, school, etc), he cuts himself a break. But not when he is pitching or golfing. I told him to show where someone won all of the PGA tournaments in one year or struck everyone out. It just doesn’t happen. No one hits a home run every time they are at bat…no one sinks a shot every time the basketball leaves their hand. Control what you can. Change what you can. YOU can change your attitude and your effort. You have to believe it. Once your mind is in the right place, you can accomplish anything. Maybe not on the first try…maybe not like you thought it would look like…maybe not tomorrow. You have so many things to look forward to and why are you not looking forward to them? Because you are afraid and because it is easier to do nothing. And then they wonder why their life doesn’t change…and they do not realize that they control that. What do you want out of your today and the time that you have been given? Do you want to stay stuck and be somewhere different? Change is difficult and makes us crazy at times and brings fear to the surface like never before. But what if?

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