How are you ever going to get to 2nd base?

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Being a baseball family, I heard a connection to following your dreams as it relates to baseball and I had to share.  For those of us that have dreams (which is ALL of us), there are reasons why we don’t pursue them and they never get fulfilled.  We are afraid…it costs too much…I don’t have time…what if I fail…etc…etc… Is this you?  Chances are, it is most of us or has been most of us at one time or another.  I love baseball because it reminds me a lot about life.  You win some, you lose some.  You can have an awesome game and still lose.  Other times, you get lucky and you pull out a win.  There are moments when you stand out in right field and nothing exciting ever happens and no balls ever get hit your way, but you are there just in case.  Then, you can be the one that makes that one play of the day that gets people standing up, clapping, and cheering.  We all get our moments to shine, even when we stand in the batter’s box.  Here is an opportunity for us to show the other team what we have, so with a firm grip on our bat, as we get our stance ready, and get ready for what is coming our way.  We can swing and miss.  We can get hit by a pitch or walk to get to take a base.  We also swing and hit the ball and get on base that way also, perhaps helping our team in the process.  Here is what I want you to think about…if you are that runner on first base and your next stop is 2nd, you cannot get there unless you leave the safety of 1st.  You have to take a chance.  You have to try.  You cannot move forward without believing that you can get there.  If you doubt, you are going to get out.  If you hesitate, you are going to get out.  If you don’t go to 2nd base, you never change.  You never get any more opportunities to do something different.  Looking at the field from 2nd base is different than looking at it from 1st base.  Last night, I took another step towards my 2nd base and ever grateful I did.  Quit trying to figure out how you get there and just go — run as fast as you can and slide under the tag as you arrive at 2nd base. Because those of you that know me personally, I already have my eye on 3rd base and will be heading home soon.  PLAY BALL!

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