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This morning, I was thinking about light (maybe because it was dark), but not just any kind of light.  I was thinking about the light from a lighthouse.  Why a lighthouse you ask…I don’t know… I have a picture of a lighthouse in my office at work, but I know I wasn’t thinking about work.  I was thinking about the responsibility of any lighthouse you find and how I can be one today. Not just today, but every day.  I mean, they stand there to protect and warn others of dangerous rocks and undertows that could sink a passing ship if they got too close.  They endure hours of rough surf and termutulous waves, day and night, with maybe minor breaks when things seem to be at peace.  They stand tall as they show everyone their resilience to do anything but and their biggest asset is the light they shine over great distances, across miles of ocean.  But they never know who sees it…who needs it…who is grateful to see that light.  And because they never know, they still shine.  We all have a beacon that needs to shine and not close to shore…but to stretch out and to touch as many people as it can.  Just as it is the duty of the lighthouse — that is its purpose — we have the same duty.  To shine.  To remind others that even in calm seas during daylight, we still stand.  Ready.  Waiting to be needed.  A lighthouse is one of those objects that although the colors of the outside may change, their insides never do.  They must always man their post – ever watchful of situations that require their expertise.  Because we never know when those chances will come along in our lives, we need to be ready when called upon to serve and help others.  As many times as we are forgotten about and left to even stand alone, we must never forger why we exist in the first place.  Do you know why you are here?  It really isn’t that difficult to figure out.  You are here to SHINE!!  Be that beacon and show people who you are…remind them that even if they feel as if they are surrounded by jagged rocks and crashing waves, that you will stand beside them.  Especially then.  So, today…let’s be lighthouses and show the world just how far we can reach!

Michelle Homme 2012 ©

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