On your way!!!

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Do you know where you are headed?  You are on your way!!  Doesn’t that sound like you know where you are going?  Maybe…maybe not.  To me, it means you are moving and that you are not standing still.  You are making something different.  Anything.  You could be asking yourself the questions that will change your life forever and that will mean that you are on your way.  Finding yourself having a great time doing something you dreaded moments before could mean that you are on your way.  The bottom line is that you are on your way to a new you.  Whoever that is.  Where are you going?  Does it even matter that your destination has not been determined yet?  So you have your GPS out, with no real location in mind, as you search for somewhere to go.  You know the phrase, “Anywhere but here.”  Take that advice.  Change is not always bad…it is just different.  I told someone the other day that “the only thing change guarantees is that it is different…the rest is up to you.”  I want things to be different, not really knowing what that even looks like.  Even if I thought I did, things may not happen the way I would want them to happen.  But even the smallest of steps takes you someplace different than where I was before.  Once you decide to make that change and do something about it, then you, my friends, are in fact, ON YOUR WAY!

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