Have you seen SPIRIT in action?

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I know it is Halloween time, but I am not talking about “spirits.” I mean truly see someone or people just shine. As I was out walking this morning, this kept coming to me..I was so afraid I was going to forget it. Example one – last spring, it was the opening day ceremonies for our local recreational baseball/softball programs. As is customary in baseball, the National Anthem is sung before you start every game. That day, was no exception. With about 500 people huddled together on one side of the gym to watch the parade of athletes, a young girl (maybe about 8) is handed the microphone to sing the National Anthem. She starts singing beautifully, and then gets stuck and forgets the words. Remember, there is no instrumental music playing along with her singing. She tries several times to start from where she left off, but once it is gone, it is hard to get going again. Think about it – could you start in the middle of the Pledge of Allegiance? I know I would have a hard time. By this time, people are trying to whisper to her the next words, but she forgets she is holding the microphone and we all hear her say, “What?” a couple of times. Anyway, after about five failed attempts to start where she left off, she finally starts over…at the beginning. Here is where the SPIRIT comes in – without any words from anyone running this event, the entire gym starts signing right along with her!!! I teared up and I am sure many others did as well. It is something I will never forget. Example two – a very close friend of mine received an award last night at a very prestigious gathering. She is very humble and does not volunteer and give back to receive recognition. She is simply following her heart. When I see her in action – making things happen, creating positive change, I see her SPIRIT. We all have SPIRIT (I am not a cheerleader, but have a sister who was and totally want to say “Yes, we do!” right now) – it is so wonderful to see. Do you show your SPIRIT? Why or why not? It can truly take your breath away and leave you speechless. Don’t be afraid – let people see your light shine. It is one of my most favorite things – watching other people shine. Be the light today. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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