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As silly as that sounds, it is what I wrote down Saturday morning. I had not run that morning, so that could not be why I was acknowledging this new-found treasure. I am still dedicated to everything this is going to be. I saw a former neighbor the other day who had not seen me for a couple of months and also visited with a current neighbor last week. I have not really seen these ladies for some time and it was great to catch up. They could tell I had made some physical changes and I got them up to speed on how that went and also on the journey I continue to take. I continue to tackle fears that I had buried so deep, I had forgotten they were even there. I know that I will be successful and am looking forward to new challenges every day, even those that I cannot solve. I don’t think I ever really lost me…I think I just decided to show me to the world. So far, nothing negative has happened and I am surprised consistently with the positive feedback I have received from it all. Part of me wishes I had done this all sooner, but I wasn’t ready. I don’t want to start having any regrets now. I am amazed at how free I feel in letting me be me. Every day, I am reminded of the journey I am on and continue to embrace what it means to me everyday. I know sometimes I lose sight of it, but it is never very far away. I don’t think I could stop this, even if I tried. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes.

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