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Back in May, I titled a post, “Got Burned” where I mention about a kid that I worked with where he made a bad decision after I tried to help him. Today, without warning, he and his mom both stopped by my office. I was so excited to see him, even though he never came back to my office to tell me that he got in trouble again. He tells me nothing about his trouble but tells me that he graduated from high school, bought a new truck, and is in college studying criminal justice. Since I had never met his mom, I kind of mention to her about what kind of conversations her son and I have had over the months that I have known him. She tells me that although they came to the office for other reasons, that he told her he wanted to stop by my office to see me. She tells me he is so anxious, he just about runs down the hallway. As he gets ready to leave, I tell him that I am proud of him and hope he stops by again soon. He tells me he will. I believe him. Here is the key for me – him coming to my office, by choice, was huge validation for me. For those of you that don’t know, I work with kids that make bad decisions and I encourage them to try to find the right path. Every now and again, I wonder if what I say really makes a difference in their lives, or do they just tolerate my lectures and look forward to the day that they are no longer in my office. Today, was validation and confirmed that I had made a difference in this kid’s life. He wants to be in law enforcement and he is working hard at achieving that goal. I can tell you this, when he is sworn in as an officer, I will be at that ceremony. He does not know that yet, but he will even, if it is 4 years down the road from now. On occasion, I have received thanks from kids for helping them, but I think this kid is different. Even his mom told me that she felt better coming into my office, even though I am not sure what I said. That just goes to show you that I am learning that the more I give freely of my talents, my heart, and my quest to serve others the more I receive. Isn’t that amazing? The more you give, the more you receive – even in ways you didn’t expect. I promise – it will come back to you.

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