Happiness comes from within

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When we do not feel good about ourselves, people pick up on it.  Even  if we try to hide it.  Even if we think it is never going to be seen.  We all have moments like that, but always don’t like to admit it.  It can be difficult to take personal responsibility for the way we are feeling and relying on others to make us feel differently set us up for disappointment and put undue burdens on others.  Being selfish is something else we all have in common and we should not make others for guilty for doing what makes them happy.  I remember once when someone told me that I did that, I promised myself that I would never give anyone else that same opportunity.  We cannot expect others to make us happy.  We have to do it for ourselves.  It is a choice only we can make.  It is not an easy choice for some of us, but that is what makes the reward so much sweeter.  Maybe we are in a rut and not sure how to get out of it.  When I started running, I could not do it for anyone else but me.  To this day, it makes me happy.  I do not search for it elsewhere or expect someone else to give it to me.  I have to find joy in what I have and not be upset when I don’t get my way.  Are you happy?  Why not?  Maybe you have things in your life that you cannot change and you are holding on to them.  Until you change your perspective and outlook, you will continue to wallow in misery and have only room for one at your pity party. Do you realize that you’re negativity actually pushes people away because of your unhappiness?  Maybe you don’t even see it.  Maybe you don’t want to see it because if you do, you would have to do something about it.  My quick advice to you is to stop looking for happiness to be in someone else or something else.  You have to be the one to decide to be happy.  It is within you…right now…but you have to choose it.  BE HAPPY!!!

Michelle Homme 2013

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