When love calls…

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…do you answer?  Do you wonder if it is a wrong number?  Do you accept what is given freely or question its very existence?  I mean, you can’t see love.  You can show someone you love them by doing something for them or with them, but you have to FEEL it first.  For the last two mornings, love has called on me but not in a way I expected.  I mean,  I never saw it coming.  PUMA.  I found myself caught up in emotion as I searched through some old paperwork and came across words written just to me.  Other words, I had written to someone else.  For a few moments, I was catapulted back into the time of when the words were written and shared from the heart.  Back then, I was not ready to answer the call and actually pretended not to hear the love that was being offered.  I was sure I was on one of those “catch people in a prank” TV shows, but that never happened.  Love also called this morning when I learned that someone who is near and dear did something for me without my knowing.  Again, I found the emotion of the moment too much to bear and found myself surround by the love that was being given to me. It was a moment I am not sure he has ever seen me in before, but I was comforted, safe and knew he was there.  Sometimes,  I forget to invite love in when it calls and let it stay a while. When I give my love away, you know it and I hope you feel it.  That you are better for it.  That you are grateful for being such a very special person you are in my life.   We all probably have kept the door locked and shut when love came out way once or twice before.  Maybe we wondered what the motive was or wasn’t available to fully accept what we had before us and only once it was gone, did we realize understand the true power of unconditional love.  But it was too late.  It was no longer there.  Only time and reflection would show us the reality we never accepted.  I have been blessed with great love, both in giving and receiving, and know that we all need to be ready because the call will come.  Make sure you are dialed in when it does.  It cannot be texted or shared via Facebook…close your eyes, wrap your heart around it, and FEEL it.

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