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Have you listened to a song that they play over and over on the radio and just sing along or dance to the beat?   Sure…we all have.  But have you really listened to the words that are being said in the song?  Sometimes, we miss what we need to hear because we are so busy just moving along to get through another day only to do the same thing all over again the following morning.  I can listen to songs every morning — the same ones — and then pick up something new from one that I never heard before.  Maybe it takes me back to some great memories, sad times, or just reminds me of people who have come into (and maybe even left) my life.  Looking forward, those same songs can catapult me into new hope, great drive, and total commitment to something I truly believe in.  When we think we know “that song by heart”, maybe we really aren’t hearing what we should be hearing.  I used to think this one song, included the words, “round, round spaghetti” — even though it did not make sense to me, I truly believed that those were the words that were being sung.  However, my husband pointed out that the words were truly, “round, round, again” (don’t ask how I got spaghetti), but I think it might have been something related to the singer’s accent.  It is kind of funny now.  If it isn’t a song, have you looked at something day after day and seen the same thing and for some unknown reason, you find yourself staring at this same thing because it looks different to you?  Perhaps you cannot even put your finger on why it looks different, but it just does? Life does not have a check list where we just jot tasks down and once they are accomplished, that we forget about them and move on.   Let’s not hurry through life so quickly that those songs, things, and especially people don’t get a second listen.  You just might hear something you never heard before.

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