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I love to give.  And then what does that do?  It makes me want to give more.  And more.  Sometimes, I forget to think about others but ultimately, my center is grounded when I put others first.  Yesterday, I was very surprised by the card that was given to me by my friend, KL, for running my half-marathon the day before.  It was a simple gesture that meant the world to me because it meant she was thinking of me and wanted me to know it, too.  Have you done that?  Thought of someone and wanted them to know so you send a quick text…you make a call…you send a note.  Part of my philosophy at work is to encourage youth to give more for nothing.  I have to get them to change their thinking in order for their behavior to change along with it.  One of those youth came into my office and took a picture of one of the many quotes I have posted, but they are not there just to remind them of what they need to do…they are there to remind me as well.  After he was done, I told him that him taking the quote with him made my day and I asked him why he did that.  He said he read them all the last time he was in my office, but really wanted to remember the one he wanted to take with him.  One of my goals in life is to give more without guilt or obligation to those I want to give to; those that make my life special.  Sometimes, we never know when that one little thing….even if it is just our time…can make the difference in someone’s life.  Sometimes, time is all we have and that can mean the most to those who are blessed to receive it.  Don’t under-estimate what kind of impact you can make on others’ lives.  Give something of yourself to those around you and those complete strangers you will never see again.  This life is not about YOU…it is about how we serve others and make others feel after we have been with them.  Don’t keep score, either.  It is not about comparing or competing to make it even.  Give all you can, when you can, for as long as you can.  It will come back to you and in ways you never imagined.  Give your heart away never expecting anything in return…always.  It is who you are and who you are meant to be.

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