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Yesterday, I went to watch my husband’s 9-year-old select baseball team play and was quietly smiling to myself as these two boys were just playing catch in between innings caught my attention.  One was the pitcher and the other was the catcher.  The pitcher believed he was the greatest and the catcher was his biggest supporter as he said, “strike!” over and over.  What I thought about was something so trivial, but we never take it for granted as we age.  When the pitcher would throw a ball that maybe was a little outside, he believed his next pitch was going to be better and he kept throwing.  He knew what he needed to do but didn’t let one bad pitch bring him down.  And his counter part was right there, encouraging him, but being honest if a ball wasn’t a strike too.  Do we take the time to be the encouraging people we should be in those people’s lives that we absolutely love?  Probably not.  Do we look at life, believing that the “next pitch” we throw is going to make the last one better?  Probably not.  I know as adults we get very caught up on doing the stuff that needs to get done — Mike actually calls it the schedule — and sometimes, he wants me to put it down and I know I need to.  We need to take time to be inspired by those little things that we might overlook and not let those daily tasks dictate who we are because they shouldn’t.  Take turns being the catcher and the pitcher — you will be both at different times in your life.  But remember that you can’t have one without the other

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