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My knees are a little sore, but my spirit is great.  I ran my first half-marathon on Sunday and was able to successfully complete the goals I had in mind as well.  I was nervous pretty much the whole time — thinking to myself, “Can I really do this?”  I was a little intimidated by the course layout thinking — ok, this is going to be done during the day (I run in the dark) and around out town (I run in my neighborhood).  It seemed a lot more than 13.1 miles, I admit.  My husband surprised me by showing up to some of the viewing spots and took some pictures there too.  And he was there when I crossed the finish line also.  Then, I asked him to take me to breakfast!  He was great!  Thanks, Mike — I love you!  I tell you this not to dote on this feat of mine, but to remind you of what you think you can do compared to what you can really do!  They are different.  I needed this as a challenge fo more reasons that you may never know, but through it all.  I can say, “I did it!” and people are proud of me for doing so.  I am proud of myself for following through and not giving up (even when the last two miles were all up hill).  Your question for the day is…what do you want to accomplish?  What will make YOUR spirit great?

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