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On this 4th of July — the day we celebrate the birth of our nation — I started to think about courage.  For most of us, this day is one where we eat and drink way too much, light off some fireworks, and hang out with family and friends.  But this day, our nation celebrates our Independence from our past.  Our forefathers wanted something different from what they had and set out to change it, regardless of the cost.  Perhaps they felt alone, wondering if anyone else felt the same and only in sharing those desires and dreams did they realize that many people wanted the same thing.  The colonists knew it would be hard — anything worth having always is — but they knew that nothing could stop them from trying.  Not even fear.  Not even the unknown.  Not even the loss they felt.  They were outnumbered, lacked skill as soldiers, and made it up as they went along.  And yet they won our freedom…the same freedom we celebrate today.  How does this relate to us?  Here is how…we find ourselves in moments were we are afraid and are unsure of what to do next.  We are unprepared for the unknown and feel like we have to wait until we are ready.  Imagine if we did that in those situations that we are afraid to address or even admit that they even exist?  Nothing changes and we stay stuck.  It gets easier after we take the first step once it has been taken.  Whatever is causing you to be hesitant, cautious, and careful, remember what you believe, know, and want.  Chances are we want the same things.  We have to find a way to fight through the fear, the unknown, and follow our hearts.  There are those moments when we have a choice to make because of the crossroad that we see in front of us.  Just like our forefathers did over 200 years ago.  We couldn’t stop even if we wanted to because we wouldn’t know how.  I am sure there were moments when people wanted to give up.  But what if there was someone telling them, “You don’t stop until I tell you YOU STOP”?  Would you keep going?  Would you want to quit?  Or would  We CHOOSE to be brave We decide that despite all that we could lose and have lost, that we are going to make it better.  Forget what has happened — we cannot change it.  Let’s learn from it, grow because of it, and appreciate it all more than we did before.  Dig deep.  There is a reason why we are given opportunities where we must find the courage to take another step. Maybe 10 more steps.

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