En Fuego! (On Fire!)

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My heart breaks for the firefighters and their families who lost their lives in Arizona fighting something that was so overpowering that eventually the fire won.  Thank you for your service.  Speaking of service, we still have that flame, burning inside us.  Not because it’s the 4th of July, but we all have a flame that is about to engulf us that we will not be able to control.  You know the one I am talking about, don’t you?  The one you hope no one ever sees…the one that can just be lit with the smallest of moments and the greatest of people.  You are so strong and no because you have to be, but because you just are.  “It is ok doing what you want to do, until it is time to do what you are meant to do”.  You are meant to be more — you are meant to light up this world so bright that no one us could ever imagine just how bright that is, but you know it when you see it.  As you wait for the fuse to be lit, you lose valuable time.  You wait for someone else to do what YOU are meant to do.  There is something explosive about you and we are drawn to you, like magic.  It fascinates us and leaves us speechless.  The spark in your soul is something that is not just seen, but is felt.  It allows you to be who you are underneath and you are constantly changing into who you were born to be.  When your soul bursts open, you are on fire!  You feel powerful and confident.  You see nothing possibility and hope.  You do what you never thought you would.  You believe in more than what you thought you knew.  Can you feel the warmth yet?  Can you feel the slow flicker of the flame as it consumes your heart and soul like nothing you ever imagined?  You will, if you allow it to rise up, like hot lava escaping from a volcano — releasing heat and steam in the process.  The service of allowing your flame — your purpose — is your gift to the rest of us.  Personally, I LOVE watching people shine.  In those moments, they are truly who they are meant to be and they are EN FUEGO! (ON FIRE!)

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