An Absolute!

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I have been thinking about faith a lot lately, but not in the religious way.  More about what true faith means to me.  One of my new favorite songs is, “Have a little faith in me”, by Joe Cocker.  It reminds me of the faith I need to have in others, the faith I need others to have in me, and the faith I need to have in myself.  For many years, I wore a gold cross around my neck, which I hardly ever took off.  The cross would spin around the chain, sometimes getting tangled in the process.  Eventually, I would let the cross spin its way back to the middle and it would be centered once again.  Is your faith like that?  Tangled and twisted?  When you are not sure if you hold onto one end that you aren’t getting it more tangled?  Sometimes, we forget that our faith is always centered, but it doesn’t look that way.  Even when we look really hard.  The cross was a reminder to me to be faithful and to believe in faith.  Sometime ago, I took it off and have not worn it since.  Not because I have lost faith, but because I no longer needed the cross to remind me of faith’s existence. I had to find my faith from within and no symbol, no book, or other tangible item would ever define it again.  The center of my heart and in all that I believe to be true (all things seen and unseen), ground me and keep me from getting tangled and spin in circles.  The cross represented neither something I could never let go of or never lose.  My faith is whatever shape it comes in and is a given, an absolute; it is always there.  Do I need to see something to restore my faith?  Sometimes.  If I don’t, has it destroyed my faith? Sometimes.  What’s the difference between faith and wishful thinking?  Essentially, they both surround themselves with hope.  But only one is an absolute!

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