Don’t plan your life!

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Your life will never be the same than it is right now.  This moment will never come again and can never be repeated.  “Prepare for the unexpected” is a quote I find quite humorous and makes me smile because of its irony.  For so many years, I had planned everything — I still do.  I admit that the updating the calendar I receive every year from my husband is one of the tasks that I complete before January 1st rolls around.  He says if it’s not “on the list” or “on the schedule”, it doesn’t get done.  He’s right.  And as much as I have tried to plan everything, I came to the conclusion that not everything can be planned.  Even as well as I tried, some things came out of nowhere that I never saw coming.  Very special people changed my life forever and experiences never dreamed became reality.  You can plan when you get your teeth cleaned next and you can schedule your next oil change on your car.  But you cannot plan life.  Because even if you think you can, you forget the most important thing about your life — do you know what it is?  I will give you a hint…if you are always planning life, what are you not doing?  LIVING LIFE!!!  How many times do we get caught up in everything else and forget what makes us most happy in our lives?  We become focused on the “lists” and the “schedules” and miss moments that will never come again.  I know — I do it too.  I don’t mean to, but it happens.  At times, I have to remind myself of what I love about my life and in between work and games, I have to remember to live my life.  It does not belong to anyone else and I only have a limited amount of time here, just like everyone else.  I choose not to live with regrets and guilt left over from yesterday’s daily grind, but to accept each day as a gift.  Don’t get so caught up in checking tasks off a list that we forget to love the moments in life that surrounds us with love, joy, and inspiration.  Put the calendar down.  Don’t forget why you are here — it is not to plan, or schedule, or to meet some daily quota of jobs completed throughout the day.  You are here to live.  Start today.

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