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Yep…TODAY.  Leave ’em speechless.  Have them turning their head around, wondering to themselves, “What just happened?”  You know where they look for witnesses to make sure that what they just saw wasn’t a figment of their imagination.  Surprise people every day with the strength you find from nowhere — blow people’s minds with the words you genuinely share — draw them to you with your freely given smile.  We are given opportunities every day to make an impact on other’s lives, but most of us never take them.  We “shoo” them away like annoying pests on a summer evening.  But what happens next?  They come back and then we become even more agitated the next time.  Why?  Because it is easier to ignore than it is to be brave and go outside our comfort zone.  When I tell people that I have chosen to do at least one thing every year that I would NEVER see myself doing, people are shocked.  Especially with what I did in April. 🙂 This year, I am up to 3 events so far and am looking forward to my 4th in August.  I can’t wait.  When I tell people that I have written a book, they almost all immediately say, “You wrote a book?”  I just have to smile.  Then, I say, “I have written my first book”, knowing that there will be more.  Is there something that you are itching to do and are afraid to do it?  Just do it and see what happens next.  People who know me know I can be a “chatty” one and when I don’t say much, they wonder what is wrong.  But there are times that people have left me speechless too.  When people give the gift of time to show me they were thinking of me…when people go out of their way to help me…when people believe in me.  It has caught me off guard, stopped me in my tracks, and has me turning my head, looking for witnesses.  In those moments, I am forced to accept what is before me and although I am speechless, recognize that it is not an easy task to carry out.  So, what are you going to do today?  How will you impact your small piece of the world to show others that you are SO MUCH more than what you show them every day?  “People are not afraid most of failure.  People are afraid most of success. ”  You ARE more.  Leave a mark that people will never forget.  You are capable…you just have to be willing.  Go ahead..I dare you…leave ’em speechless.

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